hemp extraction methods

Hemp Oil CO2 Extraction Methods

The process of any natural Hemp oil extraction is important to understand its properties and benefits.

Hemp oil is one of the best healing, and healthy oil that was widely used in the past. The modern world is realizing the countless benefits of hemp seed oil and because of this many people around the globe prefer to use hemp oil to heal and cure multiple health issues.

Recent studies have approved the health benefits of Cannabis sativa or Hemp oil. It has multiple uses in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fibers industries. The extraction procedure plays vital role in preserving the natural healing power and effectiveness of the plant.  Our SimplyHempShop product is extracted from CO2 process which is the best extraction procedure.

Here is all that you need to know about the extraction process to select the best hemp oil for you.

What is CO2 Process in Extraction OF Hemp Oil?

The procedure of Co2 extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the important and much needed phytochemicals from the hemp plant.

When the hemp oil is extracted from the process of CO2, it makes sure to pull all the essential cannabinoids, and healthy nutrients while waxing out the unwanted plant materials. The process of CO2 is a ‘tunable solvent’ that enables the produced oil to be extremely versatile and useable for many health problems.

The control of pressure and temperature during this process helps in preserving all the best nutrients of the oil making it one of the best oil to be used for curing a large number of health problems. In technical terms, certain amount of temperature and pressure act like a solvent, helping to create clean, pure and effective oil which involves little to no post process. Related to food and herbal supplements, CO2 extraction is a well known and conventional extraction method. CO2 extraction process is also used in creating healthy and full of nutrients, essential oils. In the same way, CO2 extraction has turned out to be an amazingly important component in cannabis industry.

What is the Significance of CO2 Process in Extraction OF Hemp Oil?

The CO2 process works in an awesome manner for the extraction of Hemp Oil. It allows the extract maker to isolate, capture do a scientific research in understanding the cannabinoids. Cannabinoids needs to be carefully extracted regarding the known ingredients such as THC and CBD, while eliminating the harmful and illegal ingredients that can make you ‘high’. In the past we have been unaware of the positive health benefits and effectiveness of Cannabis.

Now we are more aware of the multiple health benefits of CBD. New laws have been passed and some of the old laws have revisited regarding CBD in medical field. Most of the ingredients of cannabinoids are known as having benefits while working individually but further studies is needed to know about its working together. Another known benefits of CO2 extraction are that it kills microbial bacteria, insect mites molds in the hemp plants during this process.


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