CBD Gummies: 7 Surprising Facts Consumers Need to Know!

With the huge trend of utilizing CBD in improving health and wellness, we see many companies have launched everything edible; from coffee creamers to gummies infused with CBD.

There is no doubt that hemp-derived CBD has always been admired for its natural and herbal healing powers by our ancestors. Most recently, the modern world has revived this age-old knowledge in very innovative ways. Along with many other edible CBD intake options, gummies are the most popular. However, NOT all gummies are the same! There are some very important facts consumers must know prior to choosing CBD gummies as their mode of consumption.

Here are the top 7 Surprising Facts we feel are the most important for you to know and understand when choosing gummies:

Fact #1- Easy to Take – this is simple. Gummies, either shaped as a little bear or a worm or anything else you just have to pop it in your mouth. No need to measure, put under your tongue and hold – just enjoy!

Fact #2 – Non – Psychotropic – this is very important! As long as you have purchased CBD gummies (not THC) you will have no psychoactive response. You may feel more relaxed but that is the point, right?

Fact #3 – Taste Good -gummies are usually fruit-flavored and made with sugar. Our Simply Hemp Shop gummies are a variety of flavors made with natural ingredients with 20mgs of CBD.

Fact #4 – Easy to Dose – the best part of CBD Gummies is that you don’t have to measure! Depending on the product you buy, each gummy has exactly the dose you want or need. Since our gummies are infused, you are getting exactly 20mg per gummy!

Fact #5 – Discreet – you may not want anyone to know that you are taking CBD or maybe feeling anxious in public places and just need a quick bit of help. Gummies are very mainstream. How would anyone know yours had a little ‘boost’ to it? 😉

Fact #6 – Packable and Portable – taking bottles of oil with you when you are traveling, biking, hiking or just out and about. Gummies make it easy! Packable and portable and easy to carry on a plane in your purse or backpack or even in a lunch box!

Fact #7 – Affordable – gummies tend to be packaged and priced differently than other products. For the month of October, Simply Hemp Shop Gummies are on SPECIAL! They are just $.08 per milligram with each gummy being 20mgs which is a perfect daily dose!


BONUS FACT – Less is More! This is very important

First, you cannot overdose on CBD, however, because they are small, you may find yourself wanting to just grab a handful -STOP! All you need is 1-2 to get maximum benefits – we made it that easy for you!

Why CBD Gummies Have Become So Popular?

Hemp-derived CBD, in general, has become a popular natural ingredient utilized in oils and tinctures, topical products and a huge variety of edible products. The biggest reason for the growth of this industry is its countless health benefits. Although the scientific data is still limited, with the most recent Farm Bill, there are many new studies that have begun which will give the data needed to open even more doors in this industry. Edibles, specifically gummy products, have exploded as the leading edible option because they are a familiar product for many and are tasty, packable, portable and affordable for consumers of all ages. 


What Are the Effects of CBD Gummies?

As it has been mentioned above, the CBD products have gained massive popularity because of the major reason that they provide multiple mental and physical health benefits proving to be a natural alternative to other forms of medication. According to a recent research, cannabidiol has great potential to cure many mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. CBD gummies can prove to an easy to use a natural remedy of many health problems as well as herbal way of regulating emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. Many consumers of CBD gummies, oil, and other edibles have approved that it proved helpful as a natural muscle relaxant, sleeping better, managing stress and improving overall quality of life.

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