CBD isolate vs full spectrum

What’s the Difference between Full Spectrum & Isolated CBD Oil

For Skincare and Oil Hemp products it’s a good idea to know the difference between Full Spectrum & Isolated CBD Oil.


It’s a proven fact now that Cannabidiol is a great natural remedy for many common diseases and not just that, it has miraculous effect on the skin if used regularly. It is considered an effective treatment of inflammation, pain management, reducing signs of aging and many useful effects if added to skincare products.

As you know that CBD also called Cannabinoid is extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that causes the sensation of being ‘high’, however CBD is not psychoactive, so it is legal to use it especially in skin products. There are various kinds of CBD Hemp products available in stores and generally they fall into two categories; Full Spectrum & Isolated CBD oil and skin care products. Let’s discuss here about the difference between the two and their benefits.

Full Spectrum CBD:

According to a recent research, various essential ingredients of the Cannabinoid such as CBD, THC, CBN and CBG, increase the efficiency and bioavailability of the product. The compound of the hemp plant has much more potential of providing relief than any one compound. Full spectrum CBD hemp products are created using scientific methods such as CO2 extraction. In short, full spectrum refers to a much more diverse and vibrant cannabinoid experience. It is usually referred to as a whole plant CBD that maximizes the benefits of CBD oil and has more advantages than CBD isolate.

Isolated CBD Oil:

Isolated CBD oil is the kind of oil that is extracted solely from CBD. It doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. You can say that isolated CBD has been extracted from industrial hemp that is isolated cannabinoids. CBD isolate is available in two forms:

  • Crystal
  • Powder

Crystal CBD isolate is not much refined out of the above two. Powder isolate CBD can be used in various ways. The CBD oil , whether full spectrum or isolate does not get you ‘high’ in any way because they are extracted from high CBD and low THC strains. You can add it to your skin products to increase the pain reduction, anti inflammatory and anti aging properties.

Full Spectrum VS Isolated CBD Oil:

Although the isolated CBD is considered as purest and more potent form of cannabis but it’s a fact that the high potency of CBD isolate can not compete with combined effect of various useful Cannabinoids used in full spectrum CBD oil. These products are full spectrum pure Hemp no additive made with hemp seed oil therefore they are organic and vegan.

Best Products with Pure Hemp Seed Oil

Which is best hemp seed oil product that is worth trying?

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It soothes the skin with its natural moisturizing quality that feels fabulous without being greasy or heavy. Usually a natural organic hempseed oil has a grassy and nutty aroma but SimplyHemp has a naturally sourced herbal fragrance and all the goodness of hemp seed oil to suit all skin types. As the pure hemp seed oil has a great affinity to oily and acne-prone skin. It gets absorbs to the skin making it the best option for people who look for lightweight moisturizer.

Quality CBD Edibles

Although there CBD products do not have side effects, it is still essential to buy quality products from reputable and reliable dealers.

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You can speak to us about your skin ailment so that we can recommend the perfect CBD product for you.

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