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Hemp Vodka ????

I was reading a post recently at Let’s Talk Hemp where they shared this neat story about the first hemp-based vodka.

In the article they said:

Vodka is fermented in a still from starchy grains, in this case corn, with other ingredients added for flavor. The mixture is then filtered and distilled. In Highway Vodka, the winning property of the hemp seed is the natural oils, which trap layers of vapors during the fermentation process, Williams said.

“The hemp oils add layers of filtration as the vapors rise and it adds a different viscosity to the liquid that knocks off the burn and holds the sugar sweetness of the corn flavor on your palette,” he said.

Williams said he messed around with recipes for distilled spirits for almost a decade, tweaking sugars, grains and mashes, and devouring books and YouTube distilling videos.

Read more here 

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