Sweet Dreams Sleep Spray – Large


Sweet Dreams Sleep Spray 1oz/30ml bottle. Serving size equals six (6) sprays. 6 mg of isolate CBD, 5 mg of melatonin, 2.66 mg of proprietary blend of  GABA & valerian root extract, and 5.33 mg of magnesium gluconate.

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New improved formula Sleep Spray


You deserve a good night’s rest! Melatonin, a natural occurring hormone in the brain, is released to promote sleep at night. Unfortunately, as we age environmental factors such as artificial light reduces the Melatonin our bodies are able to produce, resulting in lack of sleep. Our Sleep Support Spray is combined with a special blend of CBD, Melatonin & nutrients to help promote a long & restful sleep.

This product is great for those experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep! Scientifically Tested to be Safe & Effective!



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