CBD Oxygen Infused 10X Full Spectrum Oil


* Oxygen infused for grater bioavailability
* Rapidly absorbed
* Pure, potent CBD extract from organic hemp
* Non-Gmo
* 3rd party testing
* Alcohol Free
* Natural Peppermint flavor
How to Use: Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24drops) up to twice per day preferably during the day.

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Supercharge your routine with oxygenated CBD oil! For greater bio-availability, we took Full Spectrum CBD Oil and blended it with a special oil: organic coconut oil, amino acids, frankincense and CBDa (the raw, pure and natural acid of which the compound CBD derives). Prior to blending with our Full Spectrum CBD Oil, it has its membrane removed and becomes oxygenated through a patented process in order to covalently bond to the CBD of the oil. When bonded, the CBD is encapsulated by this special oil and protected from decarboxylation as it makes its way through the system, reaching the targeted area as one complete molecule. The advantage of our 10x pure oxygenated blend over standard full spectrum oil is that more CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGN and the generous variety of compounds derived may be absorbed into the body. Available in 500 mg (10 mg per serving) and 1500 mg (30 mg per serving)

Oxygen infused 10X is a blend of CBDa (the raw, pure, acid form of CBD), Organic Coconut Oil, amino acids, and frankincense that encapsulates Cannabinoids to protect them from breaking down before nutrients can be absorbed by the body. This ensures greatest bio-availability of Oxygen infused and full spectrum CBD extract nutrients such as cannabinoids, terpenes, proteins, and fatty acids all working synergistic ally to combat symptoms associated with stress, physical discomfort, restlessness and skin dryness. Full Spectrum CBD used in this blend is non-GMO
& pesticide-free, and sourced from a US farm that grows organically.

A blend of Full Spectrum CBD & OXY X (10x): a trademarked and patented formula.

Hemp (seed) oil, OxyX™, Natural peppermint flavor.

Take 0.6 mL (approx. 24 drops) up to twice per day preferably during the day.


500, 1500


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