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Episode 2: Simply Hemp Goes to the CBD Expo

In The Loop
In The Loop
Episode 2: Simply Hemp Goes to the CBD Expo
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Paula Travels to Chicago for the 2021 CBD expo!

In this episode Paula tells us all about her trip to Chicago for the CBD Expo. It was a great conference with excellent speakers and vendors. Listen in as we share all the latest tips and what we learnt about the upcoming CBD industry trends.

2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Simply Hemp Goes to the CBD Expo”

  1. Virginia Stanfield

    I have been taking your CBD oil for almost 2 months and I am starting to tell a difference in my arthritis pain. My joints move better and don’t ache like they did.
    I was just listening to your podcast and was interested in what you think about giving CBD oil to my cat who just recently started having seizures. She has had 2 a week apart. The Vet has prescribed Phenobarbital. What are your suggestions for CBD oil for a cat with seizures?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Virginia,
      First of all, we are so happy that you have had good results. Secondly, what is the weight of your kitty? My sister-in-law had a kitty that used our oil for seizures, and it helped her wean off the Phenobarbital completely. Of course, we would want you to discuss it with your Veterinarian first. It should not have any reactions with the Phenobarb. Let us know your kitty’s weight and ask your Veterinarian if they are alright with you giving a high-quality CBD oil to your cat to help with the seizures. It will be up to them about weaning off Phenobarbital. We look forward to your reply.

      Simply Hemp Shop

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